• Monday, April 24

    Quilting Ladies – Everyone is Welcome to Participate – 9:30 am;  10:00 – Noon – Pastor Katie Drop in Hours

  • Tuesday, April 25

    High School Prayer Breakfast – 7:15 am

  • Wednesday, April 26

    10:00 – Noon – Pastor Katie Drop in Hours; Choir Rehearsal – 6:30 pm

  • Thursday, April 27

    10:00 – Noon – Pastor Katie Drop in Hours

  • Sunday, April 30

    Worship – 9:00 am; Brunch Served by FLY – 10:15 am

  • National Honor Society

    First Lutheran Church is so proud of our youth.  Currently we have ten students within our church family honored to be included in the National Honor Society.  Congratulations to Lexi Rangel, McKenzie Hinrichsen, Jasmine Haggard, Dena Johnson, Hannah McKinney, Hannah Schanze, Aaron Hanrahan, Grant Minssen, Madi Purvis and MacKenzie Vahle.  If you see them make… Read more

  • Blessings of Our Children

    Blessings of Our Children

  • Northern Illinois Synod

    Walking Together Newsletter


9:00 am - Join us for Worship every Sunday Morning

9:00 am - Communion Celebrated during Worship on the First and Third Sundays of each month

10:00 am - (Every Person In Christ) EPIC Hour for all ages