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First Lutheran Church Altar at 217 Douglas St, Prophetstown IL

First Lutheran Church Altar at 217 Douglas St, Prophetstown IL

First Lutheran Church’s history begins after the Civil War. Swedish Lutherans from the Tampico and Prophetstown area shared a building with the Baptists of the community until 1879, when they decided to form a church in Prophetstown. Services were held in homes until a church was built on Douglas Street. In 1880, 41 Swedish immigrants gathered to start Den Svenska Evangelilska Lutherska Forsamling in Prophetstown, IL. The initial church cost $430. The first full time pastor, Rev. J.E. Holz was called in 1899, and served in Prophetstown, Morrison, and Sterling. Up to 1913, all services were in Swedish, when an evening service in English was added. ┬áIn 1923 the name of the Church was changed to First Lutheran Church, and all services were in English starting in 1930.

In 1941, the congregation had grown enough to start looking for a site to build a new church. the current property at 3rd and Locust was purchased in 1951, and the church building was dedicated in 1958. There was a parsonage built, that is still in use, in 1965. An addition was added to the church, and it was dedicated in 1980 to include the Narthex, the Sunday school area, and an expansion of the Sanctuary.

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The church that began with just over 40 members, now has over 500 baptized members. First Lutheran Church serves the greater community of Prophetstown, Lyndon, Tampico, Erie, Morrison, and rural Rock Falls and Annawan.

Pastor: Susan Davenport – Interim

Youth and Family Ministries Director: Amanda Schanze

Church Secretary: Brenda Wankerl