Prophetstown, Illinois

Worship with us at
9:00am Sundays

300 W. Third St.
Prophetstown, IL


About Us

What We Believe

Our Mission

First Lutheran Church family welcomes, nurtures, serves and sends in the name of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

  1. There is only one God.
  2. We are gathered by Word and Sacrament.
  3. Acceptance of ALL God’s people.
  4. Discipleship is a lifelong faith journey.
  5. We are called to serve.

How We Worship

First Lutheran Church invites you to grow by grace in Jesus Christ.  Our worship is lively, our members are involved, and our youth ministry is a priority.  We are ready to welcome you.  FLC is a gathering of God’s people serving our community using their gifts to God’s glory.

We are a faithful congregation that praises God through song, liturgy, sermon messages, Baptism and Holy Communion.  We welcome all to the Table of our Lord and Savior.  Outside of our worship services, members can be found providing faith activities for the youth, serving on church committees, participating in Bible Studies, and many other services.  First Lutheran members also worship God in services to others in our daily jobs and through participation in the Lion’s Club, American Legion, the Prophetstown Food Pantry, Red Cross Blood Mobile and many other community opportunities.

As you can see, First Lutheran is a congregation that is committed to worshiping God through our church services, while also living out the Good News within the community and throughout the world.  It is a lifestyle that is performed each and every day, and we hope that lifestyle is for you.  No matter who you are or where you come from, you are welcome here!  Always know that our doors are open for all.  We’d love to have you join our faith family in worship.  Come as you are!

Church Council

Election to a Congregation Council carries with it the respect and trust of the constituency of your congregation. The value of your willingness to make a contribution to the life of your congregation is significant and appreciated. Your contribution involves your time, expertise, enthusiasm and energy. Thank you to any members that are willing and able to give of their time and talents in service to our church and community.

FLC Council Members Include:  
Amy Jones (President), Ben Sandrock (Vice President), Drew Emery (Treasurer), Jeanne Frank (Secretary), Jason Robshaw, Lou Robinson, Katie Turner, Laurie Gay, Cathy Hinrichs, Michelle Wetzell, Heather Strike, Donna Roland and Pastor Chelsey Weech

Meet the Staff

Pastor Chelsey Weech

Pastor Chelsey Weech has been serving along with the members of First Lutheran since August 2019. Pastor Chelsey is from Florida, but moved to Chicago to attend Lutheran School of Theology. She graduated from seminary in May of 2019 and was ordained in October 2019. We are so very thankful and blessed that Pastor Chelsey and her husband, Chris, chose to join us in service at First Lutheran.

Brenda, Secretary

Brenda faithfully serves First Lutheran as the Office Secretary. She has been in this position since 2002 and is also a member of the church family. Brenda helps the entire congregation while working alongside Pastor Chelsey. We are so blessed and thankful to have her in the office.

Jeanne, Organist/Pianist

Jeanne has faithfully served First Lutheran as Organist/Pianist since 1990 and is a member of the church family. She not only serves as the Church Organist, but also as the accompanist for the Adult Choir and pianist within our FLC Praise Band. We are so thankful and blessed to have Jeanne as one of our talented musicians.

Drew, Church Treasurer

Drew has faithfully served First Lutheran as the Church Treasurer since January 2022 and is a faithful member of our church family. We are so blessed and thankful to have him in this position.

Randy, Adult Choir Director

Randy has faithfully served First Lutheran as Adult Choir Director since 2000. He not only serves in this position, but also plays oboe in our FLC Praise Band and is a member of our church family. We are so blessed to have Randy as one of our talented musicians.

Kyle and Katie, Custodians

Kyle and Katie faithfully serve as custodians of First Lutheran and are also members of our church family. We are so blessed and thankful for their diligent service in preparing our facilities to be used to God’s glory!

First Lutheran Church Altar at 217 Douglas St, Prophetstown IL
First Lutheran Altar at Present Location

Our History

First Lutheran Church’s history begins after the Civil War. Swedish Lutherans from the Tampico and Prophetstown area shared a building with the Baptists of the community until 1879, when they decided to form a church in Prophetstown. Services were held in homes until a church was built on Douglas Street. In 1880, 41 Swedish immigrants gathered to start Den Svenska Evangelilska Lutherska Forsamling in Prophetstown, IL. The initial church cost $430. The first full time pastor, Rev. J.E. Holz, was called in 1899 and served in Prophetstown, Morrison, and Sterling. All services were in Swedish up until 1913 when an evening service in English was added. In 1923 the name of the Church was changed to First Lutheran Church, and all services were in English starting in 1930.

In 1941, the congregation had grown enough to start looking for a site to build a new church. The current property at 3rd and Locust was purchased in 1951, and the church building was dedicated in 1958. An addition was added to the church and was dedicated in 1980 to include the Narthex, the Sunday school area, and an expansion of the Sanctuary. There was a parsonage built in 1965 that is still in use. 

The church that began with just over 40 members, now has over 500 baptized members. First Lutheran Church serves the greater community of Prophetstown, Lyndon, Tampico, Erie, Morrison, and rural Rock Falls and Annawan.

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