Prophetstown, Illinois

Worship with us at
9:00am Sundays

300 W. Third St.
Prophetstown, IL


Sunday School for Age 3-High School

Traditional Sunday School (preschool through high school) is Sunday mornings from 10:15 to 11:15am. On the last Sunday of each month, families are encouraged to worship together and share in fellowship downstairs.

First Communion for 5th Graders
On Wed. April 7th from 6–8:30 pm the class will meet at FLC for education and bake communion bread with immediate family.  Afterward they will be receiving their First Communion with their families in attendance.
This will be recorded and available to watch in online. The state guidelines of social distancing and face masks will be followed.

Our Sunday School curriculum is all by Zoom or an online outlet at this time. Please check out some of the photos of our Sunday School classes:

Sunday School: During this entire pandemic Christa Robshaw has put together a packet of needed supplies for each child for the month. She emails all the links for music videos, instructions for the craft and any other videos that correlate with the lesson. She also records herself reading the Bible story/lesson and the closing prayer.

Jason Robshaw has been leading the 6th-8th grade group throughout the pandemic. He has a Zoom meeting with them on Sunday mornings; the curriculum is discussion based. Christa and Jason also make up a monthly packet of needed supplies for the month for this age group.

Christopher Weech teaches the High School class. His curriculum includes creative ice breakers, online games, and discussion questions. This class is held once a month, on a Sunday evening.

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